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    1-1/2" Straight Cam can be placed in 45 degree increments
    3/4" Straight Cam can be placed in 90 degree increments

    Pronged washer

Add a Great Solution to a Common Problem with Locker Padlocks

A product that marries well with the Padlockable Cam is our Combination Locker Lock with patented Key Override and Code Discovery.

This unique lock adds value to Padlockable Cam prevent locks from being thrown away or cut off when people lose their combination or key on normal locks.  

Simply turn the manager key to the right, roll the dials to the right and they stop on the current code allowing the lock to be rest.

Learn more Here

combination locks for lockers


Offset Cams


camlocks cam

2-1/3"  with 1/4" offset

 camlocks cam

camlocks cam
1-1/2"  with 1/2" offset
camlock cam
1-1/4" Cam with 1/8" offset
camlock cam
7850-M-CC  1-1/4" with 1/8" offset

camlock cam
7850-*   1-1/4" with 1/4" offset





7850-N   1-7/16" with 1/4" offset
camlock cam
7/8" cam offset 1/4"
camlock cam
7850-M-  7/8" with 1/4" offset

Straight Cams


  combination camlocks

7850LC-33MM  1-5/16" straight cam


7850-A-  7/8"

cam locks


7850-B-  1-1/4"

combinated camlocks

cams for cam locks
7850-E-01  1-17/32"
cams for cam locks
5/8" Straight Cam
cams for cam locks
7850-B   9/16" straight cam
cams for cam locks
1-21/32" straight cam
cams for camlocks
7850-D     1-21/32 straight cam

Special Cams



hook cams
Hook Cam

7850-T    hook cams

13/16" Bent Cam
hook cams 
Hook Cam
7850-V        hook cams


Padlock Options- Click HERE for more on Locker Lock

combination locks for lockers combination locker locklocker lock  
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