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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can I not see the reset button to recombinate my lock?

A. During installation or when taking it apart, you rotated the inside cylinder. Remove the screw, lock washer, cam and stop cam. rotate the cylinder 180 degrees until you see the reset button and then reassemble.

Q: What if I don't want Combi-Cam users to be able to change the combination?

A. The answer to this is almost opposite of the prior question. In some cases installers of the Combi-Cam may not want the users to be able to easily change their own combination. To make the Combi-Cam less likely to be changed (hiding the reset button), follow the below instructions:
1. Go ahead and set the desired combination to the Combi-Cam.
2. Remove the Screw & Washer, the Cam, and the Stop Cam.
3. With the reset button in view, rotate the cylinder 180 degrees.
4. Replace the Screw & Washer, the Cam, and the Stop Cam.
5. Now when the cam rotates 90 degrees, the reset button is no longer accessible.

Q: What material thickness do these locks accommodate?

7850L with the 1-1/8" cylinder = material thickness up to 7/8"
7850M with the 7/8" cylinder = material thickness up to 5/8"
7850S with the 5/8" cylinder = material thickness up to 3/8"

Q: How do I change the combination?

A. Combi-Cam had you, the consumer, in mind when we designed the recombination feature. The Combi-Cam combination is very easy to change and requires no special tools.
1. Have the combination set on the one that opens the cam
2. Use a paper clip to turn the push the reset button in and leave it pushed in while resetting the numbers.
3. After you have changed the numbers to your desired combination, let go of the button.
4. It is that easy!

Q: I push in the reset button but it does not change the combination

A. One of two things are happening.
1. You did not leave the reset button pushed in.
2. You did not start with the correct number that unlocks the cam. Before you can reset the combination, the number must be on the correct combination for the cam before resetting it. You may be able to push the reset button in but it will not change the combination.

Q: What can I do if I forget my combination?

If the lock is installed and the door/drawer is closed, you will need a locksmith (just as you would if you lost the key) and if it is not installed, you are better off buying a new one to replace it. There are no special opening codes for the combination.

Q: What is the warranty on the Combi-Cam?

A: The Combi-Cam has a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. This does not cover forgotten combinations.


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